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How to get Products After Payment ?

Please make sure to check all your email folders, including inbox, spam, and junk, for any emails from Sellpass. Specifically, look for an email with the subject line "Order Completed." Once you find it, open the email and click on the "Get the Product" button. This will redirect you to a webpage where you can access your product, which has been issued to you.

What is Lifetime Warranty ?

Lifetime warranty means: - If your product goes bad or loses sub. we will be fixing it. - As long as we have it in stock & run it.

I contacted store support but got no response ?

Please ensure that you reach out to us through our Telegram handle, @ogmiel, and confirm if it has been more than 24 working hours. You can also send us a message by clicking on this URL:

I paid for a product but haven't received any email.

Please check your inbox, spam, or junk folders for any emails from Sellpass. If you cannot find any, please follow the steps below depending on your payment method: 1. If you paid using crypto, kindly provide us with your email address and transaction ID. 2. If you paid using PayPal Friends & Family, please ensure that the payment was sent as F&F and not Goods & Services. Then, send us your PayPal email address, transaction ID, and a screenshot of the transaction. 3. If you paid using regular PayPal, please send us your PayPal email address, transaction ID, and a screenshot of the transaction.

What should I do if the credentials provided don't work?

If you experience login issues with your product, please contact us through our telegram using @ogmiel. Then, provide us with the following information: your order ID (please copy it), the specific issue you are experiencing (such as a bad password or subscription issue), and a screenshot of the issue. We will respond within 24 working hours. Thank you.


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